AeroBerlin 2019
     Philatelistische Rang 2-Ausstellung mit Berlinsalon
     im Rathaus Berlin-Schöneberg vom 26.4.-28.4.2019

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History of the town hall Schöneberg

The mayor of the town of Schöneberg Alexander Dominicus laid the cornerstone of the new town hall in 1911. On completion in 1914 there was World War I andinstead of festive receptions a community kitchen was established in the Ratskeller. During the period of the Weimarer Republik Schöneberg became the 11th district of the city of Berlin in 1920. The town hall building survived the following World War II but suffered severe damage. Inside the work of the Bezirksamt had to go on: The people of Schöneberg depended on the public crisis management.

During the political division of Berlin in the time of the Cold War the town hall accommodated the city government of West-Berlin as well as the district government of Schöneberg for forty years. Until the fall of the Berlin Wall the governing mayors of Berlin Ernst Reuter, Willy Brandt and Richard von Weizsäcker ruled from here. Many state guests such as Queen Elisabeth II. entered their names in the town hall´s golden book in that period of time. In the tower of the town hall the freedom bell rings since 1950. It was a gift from the US-American people and created after the US-American liberty bell. Particular attention was paid to the town hall in 1963 when president John F. Kennedy inspired the people of Berlin with his famous words: “Ich bin ein Berliner.“ After his assassination later that year the town hall square was renamed „John-F.-Kennedy-Platz” in memory of him.

Since 1991 the Bezirksamt has the impressive building for itself again and Angelika Schöttler, the incumbent district mayor of the two in 2001 merged districts Tempelhof and Schöneberg, resides in the traditional rooms. Her desk is the original one from the time of Alexander Dominicus.

Town Hall Schöneberg, John-F.-Kennedy-Platz, 10825 Berlin Picture: BA Pressestelle
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